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Kuwait's biggest flag flies high across Doha sky
December 29, 2018, 8:30 am

Kuwait added yet another Guinness World Records' accolade under its belt when three freefall skydivers managed to hold a 63­square meter Kuwaiti flag while on a 13,000­feet altitude on Friday here.

Representatives from Guinness World Records will honor the trio during a special ceremony in Kuwait next Sunday, said Army Major Nasser Fawaz Al­Sabah; one of the team's members, in a statement to KUNA. The other two are Staff Lieutenant Colonel Fahad Al­Yaqoub and Commander Salim Al­Mail.

The record­breaking jump took place in Skydive Qatar; the world­class skydiving facility that integrates advanced training programs with the enjoyment of skydiving. On what drove the team to pursue such endeavor, Major Al­Sabah said it was to prove that Kuwaiti youth are always up to the challenge.

He further pointed out that it was a personal project that took two years in the making, while the special material for the flag was manufactured in Spain. He dedicated the achievement to the Kuwaiti leadership and people.

Source: KUNA

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