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Kuwait's NOC seeks to lift int'l ban on sport - Sheikh Fahad
November 16, 2016, 8:29 am

Kuwait National Olympic Committee is carrying out multi-faceted actions aimed at lifting International Olympic Committee's (IOC) ban on Kuwaiti sport, and developing sport locally, NOC President said Tuesday.

"NOC is exerting efforts to lift the ban imposed by IOC and some international sport federations on Kuwaiti sport," Sheikh Fahad Jaber Al-Sabah said told a news conference at the NOC headquarters. NOC, he added, would adopt all necessary measures to allow Kuwaiti athletes represent their country in international championships.

However, said Sheikh Fahad, "lifting the ban requires cooperation of (local) clubs and sport federations with the NOC, which is the goal of the NOC."

Sheikh Fahad, explaining the NOC moves to lift the ban, said an NOC delegation participated in a conference of presidents of Arab sport federations to explain to them that the government was not interferring in sport.

The delegation, he added, also highlighted that sport laws in Kuwait were not in violation of the Olympic Charter. The NOC delegation visited Saudi Arabia for the same purpose.

Sheikh Fahad said NOC did not receive an invitation from IOC to attend the 21st conference of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) in Doha, Qatar.

He said the former president and secretary general of NOC, which was dissolved by the Public Authority of Sport, participated in the ANOC meetings.

This participation was referred to NOC's legal department to take necessary action, he added. Sheikh Fahad, meanwhile, talked about sport activities in Kuwait and said NOC Board adopted a general strategy, and formed several committees tasked with women, disabled and community sport. He said NOC was keen on supporting talented Kuwaiti youths to compete in international tournaments.

Fatma Hayat, chairmperson of the women sport committee, said her committee sought to develop infrastructure for sport for women, as well as spreading culture of sport among Kuwaiti females.

The committee, said Hayat, was keen to develop sport for women in collaboration with the female clubs: Al-Fatat, Salwa Al-Sabah and Al-Oyoun.

She said the committee also wanted to form a football women team to participate in the 2024 Olympic Games. Chairpersons of competitiveness sport committee Jassem Al-Yaaqoub said committee members were supervising 14 types of sports including golf and triathlon.

The committee said Al-Yaaqoub wanted to encourage, through financial and moral support, the youth to practice new types of sport. 

Source: KUNA

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