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Kuwait's MoI dismisses video of violence on border with Iraq
July 15, 2018, 9:05 am

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Saturday rebuffed a video circulated on social media showing violence near the Kuwaiti-Iraqi border, billing it as totally untrue and baseless.

"The reported video claims that there is violence near an oilfield on the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border is completely divorced from reality," the ministry's security media department said in a statement. The said video, in fact, shows violence near Al-Qarna Oilfield located northern Basra, rather than near the Kuwaiti border, according to the statement.

The ministry urged users of social media to seek only credible reports that are pertinent to the country's national and public security, while vowing to take legal action against those involved in the posting of this "affronting" video. Earlier in the day, the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry said the situation in the northern borders of Kuwait is totally under control with no incident occurring because of the protests in Iraq.

The State of Kuwait is closely monitoring the situation and developments in Iraq, said a Foreign Ministry source in a statement, hoping that the situation would be back to normal in Iraq very soon.

Source: KUNA

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