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Kuwait’s First Urdu Toastmaster Club -Khush-Bayan
February 22, 2018, 11:11 am

For the first time in Kuwait, Urdu Toastmaster Club was inaugurated on 10 February, 2018 with great enthusiasm at the auditorium of Australian College of Kuwait, Mishref. The first Urdu Toastmasters meeting was held with the attendance of the Pakistani community and the majority of Urdu speaking community from other countries.  Khush-Bayan Urdu Toastmaster Club’s aim is to promote the beautiful Urdu language, which is famous for its poetry, prose and couplets.  Members and guests will have the opportunity to express themselves in this elegant and rich language.

The Khush-Bayan Toastmasters was chartered from Toastmasters International in October 2017. A non-profit organization, Toastmasters International aims to improve communication and leadership skills, public speaking and to boost confidence through their unique education program around the world.

Samina Mujtaba, Founder and President, chaired the meeting, welcomed and thanked District-20 Director Dr. Mohammad Makhlouf, Division-I Director Fatima Abdullah, Assistant Division-I Director Program Quality and Area-37 Director Alina Tacu for their special presence. She stated that this effort is to promote the Urdu language and to unite and bring people together from diverse backgrounds for a common interest, While Kaneez Fatima and Faisal Jameel conducted the proceedings of the meeting.

Toastmaster’s meeting are divided into three segments; prepared speeches, impromptu speeches and evaluations. Khush-Bayan English meetings are held twice a month while Urdu meeting occur once in a month.

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