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Kuwait's Cancer preventive clinic receives 108 people since March - Official
January 7, 2019, 8:43 am

A clinic for chronic diseases and early detention of cancer has received 108 people since reopening last March, vice ­chairman of the Cancer Awareness Nation (CAN) said Sunday.

Dr. Khaled Al­Saleh the clinic, reopened in cooperation with Ministry of Health and Al­ Saqer Specialized Center, received many people who wanted to learn about cancer preventive measures and how they could detect breast cancer in particular.

Speaking to KUNA, Al­Saleh said the clinic, which was opened in 2016, received people in evenings of Sundays and Tuesdays. Dr. Nadia Al­Mahmoud, who is in charge of the clinic, said the objective of the clinic was to raise awareness about cancer preventive measures and to encourage people to examine themselves to detect cancer at the early stages.

The clinic, she added, also encouraged people to change their lifestyles, exercise, quit smoking and reduce their weight.

Source: KUNA

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