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Kuwait reiterates rejecting terrorism in all forms
August 25, 2018, 8:28 am

The State of Kuwait has reiterated its firm stand of rejecting terrorism in all its forms, regardless of cause, motive and source.

Such criminal act should not be associated with a certain religion, nationality or ethnicity, as fighting this phenomenon requires drumming up all international efforts, said Counselor Bader Al­Munayekh, deputy permanent representative of the Kuwaiti mission to the United Nations, in a speech late Thursday.

His remarks came during a session on threats facing international peace and security. Stressing that promotion of a culture of tolerance and coexistence among peoples and nations, Al­Munayekh noted that the fight against terrorism requires concrete international efforts.

The State of Kuwait, he pointed out, was keen to combat terrorism by ratifying majority of the relevant international conventions and regional agreements. In this vein, Kuwait hosted a ministerial meeting of the International Alliance against the socalled Islamic State (IS) group on February 13 this year, with the participation of 70 countries and four international organizations.

The meeting aimed at setting strategies to counter and eliminate the threat and presence of IS in Iraq. Still, "social media remain a major platform for those groups to spread their extreme ideologies, which calls for global efforts to be exerted, especially on a cyber level".

Source: KUNA

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