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Kuwait ranks top in gulf students studying in other GCC countries
December 5, 2013, 10:00 am

Kuwait ranked top in terms of students studying in other government schools in the gulf, with 42 percent from the total number of registered GCC students of around 40,000 students.
In a report issued Wednesday by the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), marking the occasion of the upcoming GCC summit in Kuwait on December 10th, the report noted that the number of students studying in Kuwait reached to 16,504 with 7,726 male students and 8,778 female students.

United Arab Emirates was ranked second with 31 percent, with the total number of students reaching 12,085 among them 5,987 male students and 6,098 female students.
Saudi Arabia came in third with total 6,580 of whom 4,038 male students and 2,542 female students.

Qatar came in fourth with the number of students from other GGC countries amounted to 2,923 of whom 1,419 male students and 1,504 female students.
Bahrain total number of GCC students reached 808 of whom 375 male students, and 433 female students.

In Oman, the total number of students reached 684, including 338 male students and 346 female students.

The report also stressed importance on the advantages as result of implementing GCC sixth session resolutions held in Oman in 1985, which covered the issue of treatment to GCC students in general education.

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