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Kuwait railway project "to see the light soon" - KAPP
September 17, 2017, 3:35 pm
Director of Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) Motlaq Al-Sanea said on Sunday that plans to carry out the Kuwait Metro Rail Project have been approved.
In an interview with Al-Rai newspaper, Al-Sanea confirmed that KAPP has completed the feasibility study for the project and its tender for public bidding.
As for the foreign banks funding the project, Al-Sanea said that they have set conditions that exceed demands by the foreign partner. These legal conditions, which relate to energy projects, do not fit the requirements of the state Fatwa and Legislation Department.
Plans have been put in place for talks with the banks and investors, he added. Separately, he said that Kuwait has set a goal to increase its renewable energy generation to 15 percent by 2030 amid the planned Al-Abdali renewable ebergy power plant. 
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