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Kuwait police arrest gang over OSN TV piracy
September 27, 2017, 4:36 pm
OSN, the regional entertainment network, has welcomed news of a major blow to criminals stealing its content in Kuwait. According to Kuwait’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID), three Indian men have been arrested after successful raids in a residential area of Salmiya, where they had been operating a sophisticated illegal cable network.
Detectives found dozens of illegal Dish TV India satellite set-top-boxes as well as pirated OSN hardware that were being used to illegally distribute content to 10,000 subscribers over a 15km area.
The discovery of the illegal cable network in the country followed a six-month investigation by the police after OSN’s content protection team filed a complaint with the Kuwait Ministry of Interior, CID and Ministry of Communications.
OSN chief legal officer, Sophie Moloney, said: “I congratulate the Kuwaiti authorities for this successful operation against content piracy. We are very grateful they have put a stop to this huge illegal cable network, that was costing us millions of dollars in lost revenue.”
Kuwait CID estimate those operating the illegal network were earning approximately KD70,000 ($235,000) per month from their illegal services.
The arrested now face charges of money laundering and misuse of Kuwait’s telecommunications infrastructure.
Source: Arabian Business
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