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Kuwait parliament rejects stripping MPs of membership
October 31, 2018, 8:56 am

Kuwait National Assembly refused Tuesday to strip memberships of Waleed AlTabtabae and Jamaan Al­Herbesh, during two rounds of voting. The voting result was equal for the two MPs, with 31 MPs voted against revoking their memberships against 29 who approved the motion to strip them from their immunity.

Two MPs abstained. Speaker Marzouq Al­Ghanim had explained that dropping the parliament membership required approval of 33 MPs. The Court of Cassation ruled on November 27, 2017, imprisonment sentences against 13 people including AlTabtabae and Al­Herbesh in what was known as the "National Assembly" case.

Al­Ghanim expressed pride in the "democratic" practices that accompanied the membership­revoking vote. "This only happens in Kuwait, not in any parliament in the region with my utmost respect for all of them ...," he said.

Source: KUNA

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