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Kuwait keen on achieving UN SDGs 2030 - officials
October 4, 2017, 2:45 pm

Kuwait is keen on achieving the UN development goals through its efforts in supporting economic cooperation with regional and international partners as well as via reaching social welfare for all societies, said a number of Kuwaiti officials Wednesday.  Speaking at the second economic meeting held within the 72nd UN General Assembly, Advisor the Kuwaiti permanent mission in the UN the Nawaf Al-Ahmad said that Kuwait was keen on partaking in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.

He noted that despite his country's small stature, Kuwait was keen on holding conferences and events by the UN aimed at speeding up global development, enhancing economic cooperation amongst nations, and also helping people overcome humanitarian as well as natural crises. Al-Ahmad indicated that Kuwait continued to provide around 2.1 percent of its national income to help in the development of around 106 countries.

He called on developed nations to abide by its commitments to provide 0.7 percent of its national income for the cause of global development. Touching on Kuwait's national development plans, Al-Ahmad said that the country's highest authority had launched the Kuwait vision 2035, a strategy aimed at transforming the country to a highly developed nation.

He noted that there were around 279 projects within Kuwait's development plan with 25 projects done, 152 projects underway, and 91 ones in preparation phase. Meanwhile, diplomat at the Kuwaiti permanent mission in the UN Sarah Al-Zouman stressed the importance of social development of SDG.

No nation would be developing without taking care of its human resources, said the Kuwaiti diplomat who indicated that cultivating the needs of global youth will help the UN achieve its goals. Kuwait took heed of this important factor and included it in its vision 2035, affirmed Al-Zouman.

She revealed that all sectors of Kuwaiti society were under the care of the government, which is keen on social welfare and development.

Source: KUNA

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