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Kuwait invites Indian investors to partake in State Development Plan
June 13, 2015, 11:45 am

Kuwait Ambassador to India Sami Mohammad Al- Suleiman called various Indian investors and bodies to contribute to the Kuwaiti leadership’s plans to develop the country and transform it into an international commercial center by 2035.

The Kuwaiti diplomat made his call during a round table meeting Thursday, hosted by the Kuwaiti embassy in cooperation with an organization on Indian policy studies, and with participation of representatives from the institute of defensive studies and analyses, Indian council for international affairs, a number of Arab ambassadors, and a number of prominent figures in the Indian society.

Al-Suleiman invited Indian state and private bodies to take part in economic projects in Kuwait in order to contribute in the country’s new development plan to transform it into an international financial and commercial center, reiterating the availability of a suitable investment atmosphere with a stable system, an open economic policy, transparent laws and regulations, strategic locations, strong currency, and an active financial system in the country.

The Kuwaiti government provides several incentives for foreign investors, he said, adding that Kuwait also provides a basic infrastructure for investment, appropriate information and communication technologies, public facilities, and international guarantees through commercial agreements that the government signed with the World Trade Organization (WTO), GCC states, and the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA).

Meanwhile, Ambassador Al- Suleiman stressed the importance of enhancing bilateral Kuwaiti-Indian ties, particularly in the economic field in order to benefit from its cooperative possibilities, commending deep and friendly relations between the two countries leaderships and people.

Exchange visits have contributed to bolstering the strong historic relations between Kuwait and India, he noted, pointing out several bilateral cooperation between the two countries in energy, oil, petrochemicals, fertilizers, employment, work, trade, investment, finance, sciences, technologies, information technology, telecommunications, education, health, and civil aviation fields.

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