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Kuwait incubator of biodiversity, migratory bird refuge - France Ambassador
November 27, 2018, 8:57 am

Kuwait is an incubator for biodiversity and a refuge for migratory birds, especially in winter, French Ambassador to Kuwait Marie Masdupuy said in a statement Monday.

This came during the opening of the Kuwaiti­French 13th world exhibition on "birds migration" in the presence of Undersecretary of Ministry of Education and Higher Education Fahad Al­Ghais, top officials of the International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology (MILSET) and instructors at the ministry.

The French bird association has chosen the subject of bird migration as the title of this year's exhibition because Kuwait is considered a "paradise for birds". As thousands of birds during their journey in the northern Arabian Gulf are taking their migration from Kuwait, ambassador Masdupuy said.

Some 80 percent of migratory birds are threatened by climate change, but due to climatic conditions in Kuwait, especially in winter, this is largely overcome, she said. Masdupuy stressed the importance of the exhibition in enhancing the scientific spirit of the students.

For his part, the regional president of the MILSET ­ Asia, Eng. Adnan Al­Meer said, the exhibition is the result of cooperation between MILSET, Ministry of Education French Embassy in Kuwait and with the support of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences.

The exhibition aims to develop the student ability to analyze information, to search and solving problems related to the environment, he added.

The International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology (MILSET) is a nongovernmental, non­profit and politically independent youth organization, which aims at developing scientific culture among young people through the organization of science­andtechnology programmers, including science fairs, science camps, congresses and others activities of high quality.

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