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Kuwait has humanitarian vision, provides help to all - Municipality
September 20, 2018, 8:52 am

Kuwait's Municipality Chairman Osama Al­Otaibi said Wednesday that Kuwait has a humanitarian vision and works within a framework that constantly contributes in providing assistance to all, whether inside or outside the country.

Al­Otaibi made his remarks in a speech on the sidelines of a presentation given by the Chairman of the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents Saleh Al­Fadhala.

The presentation explained the Apparatus's role and achievements in recent years, in addition to highlighting its future schemes aimed to enhance health and education in a number of sectors, he said.

It also showed the Apparatus's latest activities and actions via statistics, documents, and reports, Al­Otaibi said, adding the rapid development in the state body's humanitarian services was so apparent.

He expressed his hope for a radical solution, with a humanitarian intention, for the illegal residents' issue, affirming Kuwait is still a humanitarian country with various contributions on the global level.

All state bodies in the country spare no effort in solving the issue in accordance with their specialized fields, Al­Otaibi said, noting the Municipality has allocated some private homes for the illegal residents, and is willing, if it was asked, to provide any help that serves the case.

For his part, Al­Fadhala said the Apparatus has recently paid a visit to the National Assembly and explained different aspects and dimensions of the issue to the MPs. It is important to point out such issues to legislative bodies in the country and shed light on the situation of illegal residents in order to hear lawmakers' suggestions, said Al­Fadhala.

Source: KUNA

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