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Kuwait firm on supporting Arab efforts in combating terrorism
November 26, 2018, 9:03 am
The Kuwaiti delegation to the third meeting of senior Arab officials, members in the Arab Group on Terrorism and Social Development.

Kuwait is keen to support Arab efforts in combating terrorism, Undersecretary of Social Affairs and Labor Ministry Saad Al­Kharraz said Sunday. Al­Kharraz made the remarks to KUNA, on the sidelines of the third meeting of senior Arab officials, members in the Arab Group on Terrorism and Social Development, adding their meeting at the Arab League headquarters was to discuss an action plan to combat terrorism.

"The phenomenon of terrorism as a social dimension varies among Arab countries, and Kuwait is the least suffering from this phenomenon," Al­Kharraz added.

The official also said that Kuwait as a member state of the Arab League participates in the preparation and the implementation of educational, security and social counter­terrorism plans, noting that they extend their hands to Arab countries to develop a unified and common vision that serves all Arab peoples.

Regarding the meeting, Al­Kharraz said the goal was to discuss the social dimension of such phenomenon, pointing out that previous three meetings were aimed at developing a unified action plan to combat terrorism.

He added experts from all Arab countries met to discuss counter­terrorism action, adding Kuwait had put forward two areas that were included in the plan: how media and society should combat terrorism.

For his part, Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Director for the promotion of Moderation Abdullah Al­Shreika told KUNA Kuwait has a pioneering experience in combating extremism and terrorism. "Kuwait does not suffer much from this phenomenon because the Kuwaiti people by nature reject this phenomenon and renounce this criminal behavior," Al­Shreika added.

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