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Kuwait eyes closer media ties with other countries - Official
June 26, 2018, 8:37 am

Kuwait Ministry of Information's Asia, Africa and Australia media department is seeking to expand media relations with other countries upon directives of assistant undersecretary for foreign media department Faisal Al-Moutlaqam, an official at the ministry said on Monday.

Head of Asia, Africa and Australia media department Mazen Al-Ansari made the statement to KUNA while leading a delegation which is currently visiting Australia. The visit started late Sunday and runs until June 30.

The visit is organized by the Kuwaiti Embassy to Australia and the Ministry of Information on one hand, and Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs on the other. Al-Ansari said the promotion of media ties with other countries is in line with Kuwait's policy aiming to developing relations with other nations in all fields.

He noted that the delegation seeks through the visit to shed light on Australian universities so as to encourage the Kuwaiti students to join them, and brief Kuwaiti investors on investment opportunities in Sydney.

Al-Ansari said that he looks forward to signing some media contracts with Australia to share expertise and benefit from developed techniques of Australian media institutions as well as organize training courses for Kuwait's media people.

He referred that an Australian media delegation visited Kuwait in April, 2017 that included representatives from leading media institutions like Sky News, ABC, 9News and Sunday Times. Al-Ansari stressed that the visit contributed to promoting bilateral media cooperation. He pointed out that the Australian delegation was apprised of the most important political, economic, parliamentary and social aspects in Kuwait as well as issues pertaining to Kuwaiti women playing pioneering role in developing the society.

He thanked Kuwaiti Ambassador to Australia Najeeb Al-Bader for being keen to organize and facilitate such visits which contribute to promoting relations between the two sides. The Kuwaiti delegation made several visits to some media institutions like Sky News, ABC and SBS, and met with a number of officials to be briefed on their expertise, he elaborated.

The delegation was also informed about the latest techniques of these media bodies. It includes supervisor of the Asia, Africa and Australia media department Jassem Al-Khabaz, researcher at the department Khaled Al-Asfar, head of archives and photography department at KUNA Mohammad Abdulkhaleq.

Source: Arab Times

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