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Kuwait expresses 'extreme anxiety' over Syrian chemical weapons claims
February 6, 2018, 9:11 am

Kuwait's Permanent Ambassador to the UN and current Security Council President Mansour Al-Otaibi said it was hoped that that the issue of chemical weapons use in Syria would have been closed in 2013 after it was proven to have been the case.

In a speech to the Council after the adoption of UNSC resolution 2118, he said Security Council members had the opportunity to illustrate its "solidarity and resolve" in ending the matter back then. This would have ensured that this crime "is not repeated and its perpetrators held accountable," he said.

Al-Otaibi said he regretted seeing a "huge retreat" on facing the issue due to a state of division amongst Security Council member states, who were unable to extend the joint investigative mission's presence in Syria, which conducted its role in the "utmost professionalism, impartiality and objectivity."

He went to express "extreme anxiety" on the ongoing claims of chemical weapons use in Syria, most recently yesterday in Idlib and Eastern Ghouta last week. He also condemned the use of heavy artillery against civilians and the targeting of healthcare facilities in Syria. Al-Otaibi also said he looked forward to the upcoming the fact finding mission's report on the two recent attacks.

Source: KUNA

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