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Kuwait exposed to 5,000 cyber crimes a year: Al-Roumi
April 11, 2018, 8:59 am

The Information Security and Cybercrime Advisor, Colonel Raed Al-Roumi said every Internet user has a file in the US National Security Agency, and that America would not have collected all this information even after a million years without the social media, reports Annahar daily.

Al-Roumi said Kuwait is exposed to about 5,000 cyber crimes a year, most of which are not referred to the court due to the difficulty of proving the charges. He stressed on the need to put in place a mechanism to track down the flow of information and analyze it to control any electronic threat, especially in light of the desire to turn Kuwait into a commercial and financial center, which requires infrastructure, databases and technical solutions to address any risk.

He added, there must also be a GCC electronic system to address the dangers through an exchange of information and experience in order to protect the security of the Gulf States.

He said some applications threaten the security of individuals by asking for personal data because we buy technology without knowledge of the methods of use.  He stressed 90 percent of the links we receive are traps. He also criticized some parents who treat technology as entertainment for children and this is one of the reasons why a child at the age of three is allowed to use iPad.
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