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Kuwait embassy in Brussels organizes charity event for refugees
December 7, 2017, 12:42 pm

The embassy of the State of Kuwait here held last night its first charity reception in support of refugees with the cooperation of a local organisation.

"Tonight we are together to celebrate the work of an amazing NGO, an organisation that makes an impact on the lives of people in need, people who are trying to rebuild their lives, away from their homes, families, roots and land," said Kuwait's Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg, NATO and the EU Jassem Al-Budaiwi, in his welcome address.

He was referring to RANA (Refugees Are Not Alone); an NGO engaged in helping refugees in Belgium and elsewhere. "We are here tonight to support the work of RANA and I am very happy that they have accepted that we want to help in this way," said the Kuwaiti ambassador.

"Through our actions, may RANA be able to continue its important and remarkable work, to reach even more refugees," said Al-Budaiwi, expressing thanks to a number of people and organisations who helped in orgnanizing the event.

On his part, Jens Mueller, President of RANA, thanked Ambassador Al-Budaiwi for organizing the charity event and said its aim is to raise funds for "our work as we are a volunteer organisation and do our work without any public funding." Mueller said his NGO, which began work two-and-half years ago, is taking care of hundreds of refugees; mainly from the Middle East and African countries, by providing them accommodation and food.

"Of course people can help us in the longer term by donating every month," he said.

An auction of paintings and photographs taken by refugees themselves, as well as a raffle, were held during the event to raise funds. Lina Aburous, representing the agency EURAFFEX, which co-organized the event, also thanked the Kuwaiti ambassador for hosting the reception.

"Tonight we have the strong will and the collective effort in one place with all you distinguished guests here. I count on all of you to support RANA," she noted. A large number of European and Arab diplomats, businesspersons and representatives of NGOs attended the event. (end) nk.hb



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