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Kuwait denies Omani sports fans’ complaint
February 10, 2018, 2:18 pm

 Kuwait has refuted the rumors that have been recently circulating on social media platforms, suggesting that a complaint has been filed by Omani fans injured when barriers at the Jaber Al Sabah stadium collapsed following the Gulf Cup final.

“No complaint has been filed at this time and the Omani fans have not sent a legal representative to the Kuwaiti lawyers mentioned in the news,” a top Kuwaiti official told Saudi daily newspaper, Asharq Al Awsat.

The official added that Kuwaiti lawyers are still considering filing a complaint against officials at the Jaber Al Sabah Stadium, even if the Omani supporters who were affected choose not to. Some websites are reporting that some Omani fans have filed a complaint against stadium officials through Kuwaiti lawyers. Abdullah Al Muqadam, 34, who was injured, told Gulf News, that he did not file a complaint.

“I will not do that. Kuwait welcomed us and treated us well. It is a shame to do so after all the hospitality from Kuwait,” he said. He added that he does not know of any Omanis who have filed complaints.

Almost 40 football fans from Oman were injured in Kuwait after a glass barrier broke during celebrations following the country’s Gulf Cup win over the United Arab Emirates. Oman claimed the title for the second time in the nation’s history on January 5 with a 5-4 penalty shootout win against the UAE. The barrier at Jaber Al Ahmad International stadium broke as fans from Oman pressed against the glass to catch a glimpse of their team.

All injured fans were treated in Kuwaiti hospitals.

Source: Gulf News

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