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Kuwait committed to UN emergency fund contributions
December 9, 2018, 8:35 am
Kuwaits permanent mission to the UN delivered by First Secretary Jawaher Ibrahim Al-Duaij Al-Sabah.

Kuwait on Saturday affirmed the provision of USD 1 million to the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for 2019, as part of its ongoing contributions to the fund, said a Kuwaiti official.

This came during a speech of Kuwait's permanent mission to the UN delivered by First Secretary Jawaher Ibrahim Al­Duaij Al­Sabah during a high­level annual ceremony on offering pledges to the fund. At a time when there are growing conflicts and natural disasters all over the world, Kuwait reiterated the importance of enhancing international cooperation and unified efforts, she said.

She emphasized that increased conflicts and disasters necessitate doubling efforts, and promoting cooperation and partnership. She called for sharing burdens and responsibilities with the aim of providing humanitarian aid to affected people and save lives as soon as possible.

This cooperation is out of Kuwait's belief in the key role of CERF which has managed since 2006 to respond to several pressing humanitarian cases in more than 101 countries, the Kuwaiti official made clear.

She highly commended naming chairman of Kuwait Red Crescent Society Dr. Hilal Al­Sayer as a member of the fund's consultative team, in recognition of Kuwait's leading role in humanitarian action.

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