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Kuwait cabinet names six council members
May 15, 2018, 5:11 pm

Kuwait’s cabinet has named the six members who will join the 10 others elected on Saturday to the Municipal Council.

The cabinet in its session on Monday said that Osama Al Otaibi, Humoud Al Enezi, Abdul Salam Al Randi, Abdul Wahhab Burusly, Mishaal Al Hamdhan and Maha Al Baghli will be its nominees to the 16-member council.

Under Kuwait’s laws, 10 members are elected directly by voters and six members are selected by the government within 15 days of the election results.

The new formation includes only one woman, Maha Al Baghli, who was nominated by the government, after Fatima Al Rasheedi, the sole woman who ran in the elections, was not voted in.

On Saturday, Kuwaitis voted for change as they elected a new municipality council, with only one of the 10 members of the outgoing formation retaining his seat.

The 10 winners were Hassan Kamal, who kept his seat in the council after he received 2,099 votes in the first constituency where 17,997 voters were eligible to cast their ballots; Al Mehri from the second constituency with 3,550 votes out of 24,537; Abdul Aziz Al Mejel from the third constituency with 1,985 votes out of 30,651; Hamad Al Medlej from the fourth constituency with 4,108 votes out of 75,560; Abdullah Al Roumi from the fifth constituency with 5,336 votes out of 36,722; Fheid Al Rashidi from the sixth constituency with 7,329 votes out of 50,247; Mohammad Al Mutairi, from the seventh constituency with 8,480 votes out of 58,479; Ahmad Al Enezi from the eighth constituency with 8,109 votes out of 77,614; Ali Al Azmi from the ninth constituency with 8,702 votes out of 70,277, and Hamdi Al Azmi, from the 10th constituency with 10,755 votes out of 78,552.

The council members will elect their chairman and their deputy chairman.

Source: Gulf News

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