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Kuwait born film maker Bini Noble shines in Hollywood
June 17, 2017, 4:12 pm

Bini Noble and I go a long way back when we both used to be in pig-tails and uniforms at the New Indian School in Kuwait. A smart kid, Bini was one of the many friends I made at school during the pre-invasion era. Today, she is an upcoming film producer in Hollywood and has made a place for herself in an industry that is known to be very much a man’s world. Coming from a non-film background, the daughter of a statistical researcher and a nurse, Bini shines through her hard work.  

How many people you know would quit a flourishing career to follow a dream? I am proud to know just one — Bini Noble. Born and raised in Kuwait, Bini not only followed her dream but also turned it into a reality.

Back in 2013, Bini who was working as Head of Partnerships for Bombardier, the multinational aerospace and transportation company, left her job to take up film making. She moved on to study film production at the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI) and went on to produce eight short films and has collaborated on at least 20 others.

Focusing on strong thought provoking themes, she has also produced a feature film, Running Away, made for French Television that will be released soon. One of her short films, produced in 2014 went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts , Newport, Palm Springs and Outfits, while three of her recent films have gone to some of the biggest festivals in the US, including the AFI Fest, LA Shorts, Austin Film Festival, Cinequest and several others.
So why film making and why mid-career? “I've always wanted to help people, and make a difference in this fast-paced world we live in.

For years, all I heard were   complaints about the political system, about the way women were mistreated in certain cultures, of various social causes that most felt powerless to change. Film and TV is a very powerful medium to bring about a change that can impact millions in one fell swoop. I wanted to be part of that change, and do my little bit, to make a difference by telling stories that would question your beliefs or raise awareness of things so one could make informed decisions,” said Bini. 

Film making was the best way she could pursue her interest in storytelling. As a child Bini’s father would make her write poems and stories or short synopsis of every story book she read. This helped hone her creative skills. That coupled with her late mother words when she got into AFI, “If you've gotten into this very prestigious school, there probably was a reason. Don't question it - have faith. It's all going to work out” was the fuel that Bini needed to forge ahead.

Was it not a big switch? “Not really. I was working in IT and Project Management, and the skill set I gained over the years, managing people, time and money came in handy while making the switch to producing and this aspect of filmmaking. Even being involved in the creative side, helping develop the storyline and ensuring the story conveyed the message the director wanted to convey, was an extension of what I liked to do,” highlighted Bini.

In 2015, Bini also published a book of philosophical shorts written by her best friend and partner titled, ‘Letters from your Soul’ and is currently working on another yet-to-be titled book.

Future plans? “In a few years, I'm hoping I'd have directed and co-hosted a couple of documentaries and travel shows that I am passionate about, while working on multiple projects that I'll choose, because of the idea/storyline,” explained Bini.

Since we met last, Bini has been in discussions on projects in the Bollywood film industry. She is soon going to co-produce Bollywood music-director Krsna's international music label 'Panoctave Music' that will launch a myriad of music talent around the world. She has also started writing and developing some scripts that will be co-productions with some directors and producers/production companies in India.

Creative, talented, hardworking and a woman who stands tall and strong, Bini has all the ingredients for success and is sure to shine bigger and brighter in the years to come.

By Nita Bhatkar Chogle

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