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Kuwait University ranking improves among Gulf, Arab universities
April 25, 2017, 9:06 am

Kuwait University’s rank in 24th position among Arab universities and last among Gulf universities by the QS Corporation for Classification of Universities has raised varied reactions from several MPs and academics, reports local daily.

Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Mohammad Al-Fares said Kuwait University was ranked 30th among all Arab universities in 2015, due to which reaching 24th position in 2016 can be considered as an improvement. He stressed that Kuwait University faced many challenges in the last few years in terms of capacity, financial limits and reduced budget for scientific research.

The minister explained that Kuwait University has set a strategy for development which includes enhancing international presence, appointing new staff, supporting scientific researches and encouraging creativity. The strategy also includes signing contracts with international and local universities in order to enhance their presence in Kuwait.

He revealed that the process of university classification has taken into consideration several factors such as academic reputation, number of researches published in international journals, the number of foreign students and teachers and the university’s reputation among employers. Meanwhile, a number of academics of Kuwait University insisted that the rank of Kuwait University as last among all Gulf universities is not accurate, indicating that there are 25 Gulf universities that are below Kuwait University.

Source: Arab Times

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