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Kuwait Times celebrates the 10th year Anniversary of 'Kuwait Beautiful & Green'
February 10, 2015, 12:44 pm
Mohammed Ahmed Saad

With the aim of boosting environmental public awareness, developing the sense of a art lover and caring for environmental issues in Kuwait, Kuwait Times is currently preparing for its 10th Students Painting Competition to invest the success it has so far achieved since its inception in 1994, namely that which was achieved in the previous cycle in 2014 where over 10,000 students aging 6-18 from over 88 public, private, Arab and foreign schools in Kuwait took part. We do hope the 2015 participants will exceed 15,000.

It has been already ten years since Kuwait Times started organizing the 'Kuwait Beautiful & Green' students art competition, organized by Adnan Saad Deputy General Manager of Kuwait Times; in collaboration with the Saudi Arabian Chevron company Zain and The Gulf  University for Science & Technology ‎with the aim of promoting students environmental awareness, encouraging them to effectively take part in various environment-oriented activities with an ultimate end of acquiring more knowledge and skills, sense of responsibility as well as positive attitudes. It also aims at boosting the principles of moderation and tolerance among students and encourages them to be ambitious, to protect public resources and to take sustainability-related initiatives that would help protect the environment. Environmental protection is not just a motto or meaningless words; it is in fact an integral part of our history and heritage. It is a way of life because we have been and will always be committed to peaceful co-existence between man and nature.

All students aging 6-18 years in various stages are invited to participate in the competition with drawings and paintings that explain their environmental passions as the environment are the base of sustainable development in the form of planting rather than desertification, cleanliness rather than negligence and public safety rather than the lethal pollution. 

A total of more than 60 schools participated in the Environment Art Competition being organized by Kuwait Times in cooperation with Chevron , Zain and Gulf  University for Science & Technology. The theme will be 'Kuwait Beautiful and Green'.

The objective of this competition is to teach students about climate changes and make them aware about the fragile environment of Kuwait. The idea is to make the Kuwaiti population more aware about national environmental issues through the student community. Students ranging across ages and grades will represent their schools.

Participating schools and their art teacher will receive their official entry sheets and each student will select an environment related topic to draw or paint. Students may draw anything related to planting and beautifying Kuwait and will be required to complete the painting before March 19 and send it back to Kuwait Times.

A panel of judges comprising Kuwaiti and expatriate artists will evaluate the artwork according to age and category of students. These categories will be Elementary 6-8 and 9-11, Intermediate 12-14, Secondary 15-17 and students with special needs. The criteria for any winning entry will be based on the student’s creativity, uniqueness and amount of effort and technique. The best ten young artists from each of the five categories will receive valuable prizes from the organizer.

Both visual and performing arts are excellent ways to tell important stories about the importance and threats facing our natural environment. Activities such as art allow students to use their imagination and help in the development of their skills. Through art, students can express their views on the environment.

The objective of this activity is to encourage the youth to participate in a fun activity while simultaneously raising awareness about the importance of the natural environment, the methods to preserve it, and plan to conserve natural resources by adopting environment-friendly practices. Youth from across Kuwait in the age group between 6-17 years are encouraged to participate in this activity.

Our environment is precious to all of us but with all the waste we produce every day, it is in danger suffering irreversible damage. Kuwait needs your help to come up with ideas on how to protect the environment so that we can safeguard and bequeath it to our future generations.

Some people are more interested in certain parts of the environment than in others. While some may want to draw attention to pollution or encourage recycling, others may want to focus on water conservation and building skyscrapers that consume low energy. Whatever your idea, we need every single one of these. Through this competition, we will be teaching our students, and learning from them too.

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