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Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic) arranges “9th Year Special Grand 'Isra’a / Mi'raaj Conference” in Tamil
May 16, 2014, 9:50 am

Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic) is a non-profit Socio-Welfare Islamic Organization, established in February 2006, registered with Embassy of India, Kuwaitand also registered with Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs under the Administration of Grand Mosque and Administration of Mosque Dept. of Ministry of Awqaf of Kuwait, serving the whole Tamil community, irrespective of nation, who speaks & understand Tamil language.

K-Tic has a impressive name among the socio-welfare organizations in Kuwait and Gulf countries whose benevolent works and enlightening activities and conserving Islamic uniqueness and also well known with the thousands of Indians especially all Tamil speaking people in Kuwait.

On the occasion of Isra'a / Mi'raaj , K-Tic is arranging series of Special Programs, during the following week - May 2014.

The first program shall be a “Grand Isra'a Conference”, Insha Allah on 22.05.2014Thursday @ 6:30 PM (after Maghrib prayer) at K-Tic’s Tamil Khuthbah Masjid,Khaithan.

The second program shall be a “Special Program”, titled “Iruthi Nabiyin Iruthi Naatkal - (The Last moments of Prophet (sal.)”, Insha Allah on 23.05.2014 Friday @ 12:15 PM (afterJuma’a Prayer) at K-Tic’s Tamil Khuthbah Masjid, Khaithan.

The third program is a “Grand Mi'raaj Conference”, Insha Allah on 23.05.2014 Friday at 6:30 pm (after Maghrib prayer) at Masjid Mizyad Hilal Al-Othaibi, Fahaheel.

The fourth program is an unique program tilled “What does Isra’a & Mi’raaj teach us”. Insha Allah on 24.05.2014 Saturday at 6:30 PM (after Maghrib prayer) at Masjid Al Kabeer - Auditorium, Sharq.

The following Chief Guests from Tamilnadu - South India shall be honouring and addressing all these four programs.

The Zenith Guest is the well-known Moon TV Tamil channel’s - “Kee.Pee.570” Islamic History Episode Icon,  Moulanaa Moulavee Professor Ash-Shaikh Al-Haaj Al Haafil KaayalH.A. Ahmad Abdul Qaadar Mahlari, (Founder, Muaskarur Rahman Women's Arabic College, Khateeb, Grand Masjid and Shariy’a Council Member of Baithul Maal, Kayalpattinam, Tamilnadu, India). 

The second, Prime Guest is young poet, writer, DF Director, energetic debuting personality in most Tamil channels, Janab Aaloor Sha Nawaas (Deputy General Secretary, Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi, Tamilnadu, India). He will be addressing on all four programs on various topics like, Media-Islam-India, Indian Muslims Today, Secularism in India, Experience of India Parliament Election 2014 field.

Also, the Special Invitees, the high office diplomats of The Administration of Masjidul Kabeer (Ministry of Awqaaf & Islamic Affairs, Kuwait) will honour the series of Programs.

All the above programs shall presided by Moulavee Al-Haaj M.S. Mohammed Meera Shah Fazil Baqaavee (President, K-Tic) and the programs shall be anchored by Moulavee Afzalul Ulamaa A.B. Khaleel Ahmed Baaqavee M.A., (General Secretary, K-Tic).

Separate seating arrangement is made for Ladies in all programs. Dinner has been arranged the programs.

K-Tic cordially invites all brothers and sisters residing in Kuwait, irrespective of religion & nationality to get participated in all the programs in this series. Also, please pass this information to all Tamil speaking community in Kuwait and take part in this useful seminars.



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