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Kuwait Parliament will wait court rule on 3rd petition in 'by-law article 16' case - Speaker
December 24, 2018, 8:28 am

National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali Al­Ghanim announced on Sunday that the parliament "procedures" with respect of the Constitutional Court rules on forwarded petitions against Article 16 of the bylaw would be taken upon receiving the tribunal latest verdict in this case.

The National Assembly Bureau decided during a meeting today to wait till receiving the latest rule by the court with respect of the petitions on provision 16 of the by­law. Once the bureau receives the latest rule from the court, it will embark on taking all constitutional and legal procedures for implementing the court rule.

He attributed this stance to the fact that there had been three contestations, hearings of which had been set by the court on December 13, 19 and 26. Al­Ghanim explained that texts of two of the rulings had been received, adding that the court would rule on the last one at a session on Wednesday.

He deemed as insensible to talk about planned "procedures before receiving the last ruling. Speaker Al­Ghanim indicated that the case would not be addressed during the regular session, on Tuesday, but affirmed it would be tackled during the session, scheduled on January 8th, and that would be after receiving the court last verdict.

"The Constitutional (Court) rules will be respected and we will shoulder the historic responsibility═ż myself as speaker as well as the assembly bureau towards these rulings," he continued. The Constitutional Court, last Wednesday, declared that Article 16 is unconstitutional ­­ it is related to stripping MPs of their membership, as enclosed in the Law 12/1963.

As to the report by the legislative and legal affairs committee regarding interpellation of His Highness the Prime Minister, he said that the commission chairman had informed him that the issue would be put on the table at the January 8th session. On the early retirement topic, he indicated that deliberations were ongoing at this level.

Source: KUNA

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