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Kuwait MPs seek investigation into purported refinery's faulty designs
December 12, 2018, 7:59 pm

The National Assembly (parliament) on Wednesday approved MPs' request to task the parliamentary committee for protecting public funds to look into (alleged) flaws in the design of Al-Zor refinery. It also blessed another request to charge the Audit Bureau with examining contracts of the renewable energy project in Al-Shagaya.

The MPs, in their motion, alluded to "repercussions of the scandalous faulty designs of AlZor refinery which will lead to losses .. estimated at more than USD 15 billion." They asked that the parliamentary public funds commission probe "irregularities, damage resulting from complacency, suspected corruption and public fund squandering with respect of the poor sketching of Al-Zor refinery, the affiliate petrochemical complex, pin pointing those responsible." They also requested that a relevant report be submitted in two months.

As to the other motion, the lawmakers want the Audit Bureau examine records and contracts of the renewable energy venture in Al-Shagaya. In this respect, they are seeking a detailed report about scrutinizing the relevant contracts to re-scan production costs. The Audit Bureau must file a report about the scrutiny no later than March 1. 

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