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Kuwait Declaration calls for further economic, financial integration
December 11, 2013, 12:25 pm

Arab Gulf leaders were pressing for further economic and financial integration starting from the the custom union, monetary union, and the electricity and water linkage project to backing all the way boosting the role of youth.

The leaders of the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, in Kuwait Declaration, called for called for the activation of the economic resolutions to contribute to prosperity of the Gulf people. They called for achieving development projects in order to honor aspirations of the Arab Gulf people.

They called for implementing all resolutions that have not been implemented for the general benefits of their people.
They underlined importance of continuing all efforts to achieving economic integration, including the removal of all obstacles facing the creation of the common Gulf market and the custom union in order to boost trade exchange.

They called for completing all requirements for the establish the monetary union with the objective to reaching the single Gulf currency, in compliance with the Economic Agreement. The GCC leaders, said the Kuwait Declaration, called for speeding up the integrating infrastructure projects of railway, electricity and water linkage, as well as preservation of environment. They blessed all efforts aimed at investing the energy of youth to backing relations and cooperation among the youth in the Gulf countries.

They assigned the GCC Secretariat to communicate with the public opinion and people in the Gulf countries to closely get acquainted with their views and proposals aimed at cementing the common action. The leaders voiced relief for the role of their countries to backing many Arab countries suffering from economic troubles.

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