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Kuwait Cricket launches the match official outfits for 2016 in grand style
December 31, 2015, 12:21 pm

Mohammed Akram, Managing Director of Comix, one of the leading brands in the market of stationery and office supplies for Kuwait, Tahir Khan, Managing Partner of TA Sports, the place to be for all your cricket equipment needs, along with Sajid Ashraf, Director Domestic Cricket & Marketing for Kuwait Cricket, presented the new match officials outfits for K-CUP (Kuwait Cricket Umpires Panel) to Riaz Choudhry, Director of match officials at Kuwait Cricket’s Sulaibiya cricket ground on 28 December 2015.

As many as 50 match officials (umpires and scorers) were present at the ceremony to welcome the new standards of branding at Kuwait Cricket which attracts as many as 1.5 million expatriates and 1.2 million local nationals residing in Kuwait.

With as many as 102 unique teams participating in the ongoing domestic tournaments namely KC-DTDL, KC-TMDL, and KC-SDL, being played at as many as 10 different grounds including TACK entertainment city ground in Doha (Turf), Sulaibiya Cricket ground in Sualibiya (Turf), and cement grounds spread across the areas of sulaibikhat, Hateen,Juleeb and kabad (cement pitch), and as many as 40 matches taking place every weekend, all of them shown live at ball by ball.

In order to conduct 40 matches per weekend, an army of match officials is required that is qualified, professional and is looked after even more professionally to satisfy the growing demands of teams and players who stipulate ICC standards of accuracy in umpire's decision making in Kuwait. A level 0 umpiring course is therefore being conducted under the commendable leadership of  Riaz Choudhry who is extremely well supported by Naresh D'souza, Naveen D Jayan and Imran Haji Mustafa and it is during this course that the new match officials were inaugurated in grand style at the SCG.

In a detailed introduction, Sajid Ashraf, Director Domestic Cricket & Marketing, thanked TA sports and Comix for their valuable support and extended the gratitude to Tariq Iqbal of VOOP Media for their excellent efforts, and appreciated all the match officials for turning up in great numbers and emphasized on the fact that the future growth strategy and development of Kuwait Cricket depends on how well each and every single department connected with domestic cricket is looked after with attention to detail.

Riaz Chouhdry, on behalf of all the match officials thanked the sponsors, the organizing committee officials Naveen D Jayan and  Robert D'souza, and appreciated the efforts of Sajid Ashraf in making all the arrangements for a wonderful evening that was concluded with some light refreshments for all the stakeholders involved.

Comix is a leading international brand in the world of stationery and office supplies that originates from China and is proudly listed and highly valued at the stock exchange market of China. Comix sees Kuwait as a growing market in the middle east and apart from POS marketing techniques, Comix now is capturing the imagination of end users through social, sporting and other community events.

TA sports on the other hand is one of the leading sports retailers specializing in the game of cricket and its equipment. Strategically situated in Khaitan (Kuwait), TA sports carries a line of renowned brands in the game of cricket at competitive prices and has been a long supporter and promoter of cricket in Kuwait and prides itself in being "the place to be for all your cricketing needs".

- An exclusive coverage by Voop Media

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