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Kuwait Continental Hotels Group Co. organizes annual celebration
December 28, 2016, 4:11 pm

The management of Kuwait Continental Hotels Co. held their annual celebration for the hotels' staff and their families with the aim to build employee morale and engagement, in addition to highlighting their contribution to the success of the company during 2016.

The ceremony was held in the charming restaurant of Darbar, Hotel General Manager Kamal El-Din Hussein opened the reception, and discussed how the development and expansion witnessed by the Hotel Group was very good during 2016.

Mr. Hussein added that he would like to thank and honor the employees of the Hotels’ group for their contribution, and commended the staff for their efforts during 2016 that had a positive impact on the sales and caused an improvement in the average occupancy rate despite stiff competition.

Mr. Hussein also honored staff from all departments as being ideal employees, before leaving them to enjoy the ceremony, which included competitions for children and adults. There was also an exciting game of a wonderful magician organized for their enjoyment. 

Mr. Hussein recognized the companies, who helped in the Hotels' success such as Al Hazeem Co., Seven Seas Co., Safat Co., First Trading Co., Al Najm Print Co., Beiruit Est., Al Herz Co., CocaCola Co., Kuwait Dairy Co. and Crown Cartridge Co..

At the end of the ceremony, the General Manager handed over the annual bonus; a month's salary for all staff of the hotel that was ordered by the company CEO Fouad Al-Ghanim.

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