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Kuwait Cardiac Society (KCS) calls for quitting smoking
May 25, 2015, 4:51 pm

Kuwait Cardiac Society (KCS) called on all citizens and expatriates in Kuwait to quit smoking and protect their health from smoking risks, which is a key cause of heart diseases and cancer. KCS added in a statement on Monday, on the occasion of the International Day for Fighting Smoking, which comes on May 31 annually, that smoking according to World Health Organization (WHO) reports, is considered a main factor for heart diseases, cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases.

Kuwait was a pioneer in signing the WHO framework agreement on fighting tobacco consumption, it added. KCS regularly organizes campaigns in order to spread awareness among society members. The KRC's mobile unit team offers medical advices for people, like consuming healthy food, and practicing physical activities, besides offering various services like checking the levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, as well as taking the measures of height and weight.

It expressed its concern over the rising smoking levels among youth and youngsters, besides the impact of smoking on non-smokers, noting the real need of implementing smoking fighting law number 15 for year 1995, besides the smoking related articles in environment protection law number 42 for the year 2014.

The cardiovascular disease deaths reached 17.5 million people in 2012 according to WHO, forming 31 percent out of the total death worldwide of the same year, the KCS added. 

Kuwait Cardiac Society called for protecting children from the risks of negative smoking from the part of their smoking parents or relatives in houses or at public areas and welcomed the issuance of the children protection law number 21/2015. Kuwait will achieve a decrease in the deaths of infants, and children below five years old, as well as a drop in maternal mortality, besides getting rid of communicable diseases among children. 

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