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Kuwait Cabinet declare Holiday on Wednesday for all ministries, departments and schools
November 13, 2018, 7:49 pm

The Kuwaiti government on Tuesday decided to suspend work at all ministries, state institutions, faculties, and public and private schools on Wednesday as a precautionary step.

The step was taken in line with forecasts by local and global meteorologists that the country would witness unstable weather conditions within the upcoming hours. Forecasts indicate that there would be heavy downpours and active winds with high speed, the cabinet said on its Twitter account on today.

It added that the precautionary move was taken to ensure the safety of both citizens and expatriates. The cabinet appealed to all people to be cautious and follow up instructions and guidelines issued by the state official bodies and the Kuwait TV in this matter.

It prayed to Allah to protect the country and people from any risks. For its part, the Civil Service Commission announced that Wednesday (tomorrow) would be a day off, in line with the cabinet's decision.

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