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Kuwait Airways ranked low in Heathrow Airport's report
June 20, 2017, 1:14 pm

Most Gulf carriers rank highly for tough restrictions on night flights, noise or emissions imposed at Europe's busiest airport. There are a couple, however, that fall below the standards set by Heathrow Airport's new sustainability strategy, which looks to minimise disruption for households and improve air quality in the west London area.

The 50 busiest airlines that use Heathrow have been ranked on their work to reduce emissions and noise in their operations. Almost half (24) of those in the list violated at least one of the seven noise and emissions criteria. Some airlines from the Middle East were among the worst in the list, with Kuwait Airways second from bottom, Beirut-based Middle East Airlines marginally above in 48th, with Omar Air in 46th.

Others, like UAE carriers Etihad Airways (3rd place) and Emirates airline (8th), were ranked among the best. Rick Allen, senior vice president Operations at Etihad Airways, said: “In addition to safety, our pilots are trained to focus on efficient flying, especially into busy airports like Heathrow. So it is very pleasing to be placed at the top of the first Fly Quiet and Clean table.

“This attention to detail brings great benefits in terms of lowering fuel usage and reducing noise. We will continue to work closely with the airport authorities and aim to stay at the top of the league of airlines operating into Heathrow.” The new league is an expanded version of the Heathrow Fly Quiet programme, which has tracked airlines’ noise performance since 2013 and incentivised the carriers to use their quieter aircraft types and operating procedures at the airport.

The updated table adds two emissions-based criteria which scores the type of engines used by aircraft (the ‘CAEP’ score) and the efficiencies of aircraft when it comes to NOx emissions per seat (the ‘NOx/seat’ score).

The new table also includes a new metric tracking unscheduled airline operations between 11:30 at night and 4:30 in the morning. Both Kuwait Airways and Oman Air fell short when it came to noise quota count/seat, which scores the noise efficiency of an operator’s fleet.

Source: Arabian Business

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