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Kuwait Airways Engineering Department holds farewell function
June 10, 2017, 4:43 pm
Aircraft Maintenance Staff at engineering department, Hangar conducted a farewell function for colleagues Salman Arif and Manoj Kumar at the Kuwait Continental Hotel in Kuwait City on 19 May. It was coordinated by the colleagues at Aircraft Maintenance Section. 
The event was presided by Engineer Mr. Khaleel, who was joined by other lead hand mechanics K. Sethu, R. Murthy, M. Nassif and staff at hangar department. The welcome address was given by Leading Hand Mechanic Mr. Faud, while Engineers Mr. Raju, Mohan Menon, Khawar and Wassy Ali reminisced on their association with the departing colleagues.  A memento was also presented to Mr. Salman and Mr. Manoj at the function.
The farewell ended with a vote of thanks to all the guests and organizers. 
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