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Kottayam Association celebrates Onam festival
October 5, 2013, 11:07 am

Kottayam Association celebrated its 15th Onam festivities “Onam 2013” with its full spirit and fervor on Friday at United Indian School. The meeting was presided over by Somu Mathew, chairman of Kottayam Association.

His Excellency, Delarey Van Tonder Hon’ble Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa  inaugurated the celebration.  Mrs. Van Tonder distributed the prizes to the winners of the “Gramolsav, 2013”  competetions held on 10th May 2013. Distingushed guests Reaven D’ Souza, Managing  Editor of The Times,. Joy Mundakatt , Adv. Thomas Panickar, Babuji Bethery and Jomon Joseph, General Convenor of the Programme felicitated the occasion.  

Ambassador Van Tonder’s eloquent address to the gathering about the Indian community was appreciated and applauded.

General Secretary  Raju Zacharia extended Onam greetings and welcomed the audience while Ranjit Thomas, Joint Convenor   proposed the vote of thanks .

The colourful “Pookalam” intricate flower carpet laid under the supervision of Artist Jacob, Ranjit Thomas,Jomon Joseph,Sriraj, Raju Karunakaran, Manoj Kuriakose,SudhinAbraham,Suraj Karunakaran  and Angeleena Manoj have added beauty to the celebrations.

Various cultural Programme were organized under the leadership of Jomon,Joseph and Ranjith Thomas . The enchanting Thiruvathira kali,cinematic dance, solo, Fusion dance and Pulikali  are the highlights of the cultural programme.  The reception of Mahabeli in its traditional style with thalapoli, chendamela, witnessed its golden era during the reign of King Mahabeli.

The Jury declared Manoj Kuriakose as Kottayam Mannan 2013 and L Anju Tharakan as Kottayam Manka..

A traditional sumptuous Onasadya was served under the leadership of  Joy Kuriakose , Jiju Chacko, Sabu George, Jyothi Chellappan and Tony Mathew

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