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Kindergartens of Bhavan celebrate Sports Day
December 1, 2015, 10:36 am

A school without games and sports in today’s generation is unthinkable. Starting from the lowest to the highest classes, almost everyone indulges in one form of sports or another. Sports day, a day dedicated to sports has a value of its own.  It is a day when students are liberated from classrooms and shackles of everyday learning. This day, children struggling with academics, show their true skills in running or jumping further than anyone else. It is a day for cameras, videos and smiling faces with the P.Ed masters ready with their whistles at the starting point. 

Kindergarteners of IES, Bhavans Pearl and Jack and Jill, Mangaf recently conducted their annual sports day. The day was full of fun and exciting games conducted with a variety for developing the children’s fine motor skills. Children of LKG participated in events such as running race, sorting the vegetables, cloth clip clipping and run, Beading the thread, while the Children of UKG participated in get ready for school, running race and hoping race. The Kindergarteners cheered their team mates.

The teachers went the extra step ahead and supported and energised the children to bring out the best in each of them. Overall, the sports day was a wonderful event to encourage the budding champions of tomorrow.

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