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Kindergarten and Pre-Kg of IES, Pearls and Jack & Jill organize Christmas celebrations
January 2, 2017, 11:18 am

A spectacular and colorful assembly was conducted by the kindergarten and pre-kg wing of Indian Educational School (IES), PEARLS and Jack & Jill to celebrate Christmas and mark the end of 2016.

Students were delighted to wear Santa Caps as they participated in a special assembly that emphasized the holidays with a Christmas tree, fantastic decor, Christmas music and dances with Santa Claus. The assembly culminated with a dance put on by the little ones dressed in red, who spread the feeling of cheer and joy amongst all present.

This was followed by a class party where the message of sharing and caring was practiced with the children sharing their food with each other. Art work depicting Christmas celebrations was prepared and taken home by the children. As the school closed for winter break, each child left with a feeling of joy, peace and love towards his/her fellow classmates.

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