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Kindergarten Sports Day at ILOA
January 8, 2018, 11:41 am

Indian Learners’ Own Academy (ILOA) organized its annual Kindergarten Sports Day with great fan-fare in the school premises recently. The children participated in a variety of individual and team sports events and games. The students enthusiastically participated in events such as Pair Marching, Frog Jump, Book Balancing Skill, Tie your own Shoes, Ring Throw, Balance the Ball, Musical Chair, Hula Hoop and Lemon Spoon, which were fun.

Involving themselves in various games and sports developed a feeling of sporting spirit. Following directions and rules, learning safety skills and patience, and the value of effort were the lessons learnt during this Sports Day. The participants had a wonderful time taking part in the races. During the concluding ceremony, the winners were awarded for their efforts and all the students were advised to keep up their sportsman spirit. 

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