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Kerala boy, 10, allegedly strangled to death by aunt
September 4, 2013, 9:16 am

In another shocking case of atrocity against children in Kerala, a 10-year-old boy was allegedly strangled to death by his paternal aunt. The deceased was identified as the son of Shaji and Bindu, and it is alleged that the crime was committed by Shaji’s sister Vijayamma who is also the family’s neighbour at Kaipuzha near Neendoor in Kottayam district.

Shaji is working in the Gulf and the boy had been in the care of his grandparents. Vijayamma works in Mumbai and had come down to Kaipuzha only recently. Some reports indicated that the boy had shared a bed with his grandmother and Vijayamma on the night of the crime.

The murder is believed to have been carried out in the early hours today when the boy was asleep, and local media quoted police as saying that Vijayamma had confessed that she had strangled him to death with a skirt string. More shockingly, the crime is believed to have been done to facilitate a second marriage for Shaji who is reportedly estranged from his wife.

The news comes just a day after a gun was found in the school bag of a ninth standard boy in Vakathanam in Kottayam district. The gun was found when the school authorities were carrying out a routine check of students’ bags for mobile phones and compact discs, both of which are not permitted in the school premises. School authorities immediately alerted police and education department authorities. Some reports said the boy had brought the gun to school on an earlier occasion and that he had lent it to a friend for a day.

The news of the strangulation of the 10-year-old boy comes on the day that a five-year-old boy from Kattapana in Idukki district who was brutally tortured by his father and step-mother is celebrating his fifth birthday in a hospital in Vellore, Tamil Nadu where is undergoing specialized treatment. The five-year-old was brought in a near-dead condition to the St John’s Hospital in Kattapana, where he was given the best possible treatment under the guidance of the state government, with the state cabinet directly taking an interest in the matter.


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