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Kerala Express launches new menu
December 16, 2017, 2:39 pm

Kerala Express, the authentic restaurant in Kuwait oriented towards Travancore cuisine, launched its new menu which boasts a fusion of well-known dishes originating from Kerala. Hamza Payyanoor, Chairman Metro Medical Center, and Mr. Basheer, MD, Holy Bakers along with Tahkkara Management Group launched the menu at the inaugural ceremony. The new menu consists of dishes that imbue the rich and varied flavors of Kerala, as well as draws inspiration from the traditional techniques used by the natives to prepare their scrumptious food. The aim of the new menu is to highlight the union of authentic, traditional and natural ingredients that are rooted in Travancore cuisine.

Savor the main highlights of the menu the delectable Grilled Mix Seafood Platter and the Tandoori Mix Chicken Platter, in addition to the Grilled Fish cooked to perfection. Another item, the Chicken Biryani bursts with the tantalizing flavors reminiscent of Kerala.

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