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Keep your powder makeup from looking cakey
February 14, 2018, 4:12 pm

Many women prefer liquid over powder makeup for its easier application. There is also the major drawback of powder formulas making you look gray or worse -flaky and straight-up ashy due to improper application.

For someone who gets shiny at the drop of a dime and could probably benefit from a powdery finish atop or mixed in with foundation, here are some expert tips to apply powder makeup without looking too cakey afterward.

Mist and moisturize: When it comes to powder makeup, start by using a little more moisturizer, as it will help the skin not look so dry. First apply ample moisturizing cream before putting on any type of makeup, regardless of your skin type. Then, apply the makeup with a wet beautyblender—so that the powder makeup melts with the skin and looks natural.

You can lock in the powder with a facial mist, which is a great option for hydrating the skin in between your moisturizer and foundation.

Don’t apply it everywhere:  Part of mastering powder makeup application is understanding that it doesn’t need to go all over your face. The type of powder you use will depend on the area you’re treating. For under the eyes, use a very light translucent powder, especially one with a silky texture that doesn’t absorb into the skin’s moisture.  The T-zone area is where you can apply a thicker powder, while colored powders overall are the best choice since you can match them to your skin tone to cover up veins or redness.

Go sheer: In lieu of using a white or tinted powder, go with a translucent or sheer loose powder that has been finely milled, which is less easy to detect. Avoid anything too matte or with a full-coverage formulation. Remember: the purpose of a powder is to lightly set makeup and reduce shine, not mask the skin.

Dust before you apply: You should always dab the excess moisture with a tissue to make sure the base isn’t overly wet. After that, a skin primer really helps, too, since it creates another layer that powder can sit on instead of seeping into pores or fine lines. But what will really prevent powder from looking too heavy or dry is dusting the formula before it touches your face. Also stick to the T-zone for the most powder while under the eyes should be lightly dusted.


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