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Karak Gholam
February 8, 2015, 2:18 pm

Food: The Karak Gholam café concept is to bring the old charm back, but in a modern way that combines the old and new eras. The menu is very straightforward – mostly of popular Indian street food that is well-loved and quite familiar in Kuwait. They serve chapatis with different fillings, pakoras, samboosas, Karak drink and pots of desserts as well as chapatis stuffed with Nutella.

Atmosphere: The design of the place is modern-Indian-meets-industrial and hip, relaxed and traditional in a modern trendy surrounding. It is the only café that keeps true to its Indian identity however with a modern twist.  

Best Bite: The Karak. Iced Karak. Berry and Vanilla Panacotta.

Best Bit: Merchandise display of different small businesses in Kuwait. Diners' comments on the wall. Suggestion box. It is all about the funny character Gholam; if lucky then Gholam himself comes out of the kitchen and greets.

Where: Dar Al-Awadi complex, Sharq - Ahmed Al Jaber St | 22322286, 25734345, 25734346|


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