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Kala(Art) Kuwait conducted 11th Anniversary and elected New Office Bearers
December 18, 2016, 5:13 pm

Kala(Art) Kuwait conducted its 11th Anniversary and annual general body meeting at FOK Auditorium, Abbasiya. The meeting was presided over by Kala(Art) Kuwait President Jaison Joseph and Mr. Rakesh P. D. welcomed the gathering.  The meeting was inaugurated by Kala(Art) Kuwait Ex-President K. Hassan Koya. Rakesh P. D., General Secretary presented the Central Committee report and Mr. A. Mohanan, Treasurer, presented financial report. Mr. Sunil Kumar proposed vote of thanks.

 The general body has discussed among other various issues, the major issue currently facing by each Indian Public due to deficiency of sufficient currency notes of smaller denominations and appealed the Govt. of India on the urgency to resolve this situation of deficiency of notes and also emphasized on to increase the limit of withdrawal amount from the banks within a week especially for the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) who will be on a vacation for a shorter period of time to their home country

The General Body were elected Kala(Art) Kuwait’s new office bearers for the year 2017-2018. Samkutty Thomas as President, Aneecha Shyjith and Sameer Vallayil as Vice Presidents, Sunil Kumar as General Secretary and Siva Kumar as Joint Secretary, Johney Kalamachal as as Treasurer, Jaison Joseph as Social & Cultural Secretary, Rakesh P.D as Arts Secretary, Tasleena as Sports Secretary, Rathidas as Literary Secretary, Mukesh V. P. for Media & Web, K. Hassan Koya for Public Relation. Executive members are Babu Safvat,  Aneesh Varghese, Vibin Kalabhavan, K. Mustafa, A. Mohanan, Sadik Abdulaziz, Santhoh O. M, Rijo Sadanandan, Bharathan E. C, Ashraf Vithura, Sajeesh Hoseph, Suresh K. V., Prince, Sunil Chacko and Shibin Rajan. Advisory Board Members are C. Bhaskaran, K. Aboobacker, Renuka Bhaskaran & Santhosh Joseph. Ambili Rakesh & Sarath V. G. are Auditors.

Mukesh V. P., Hassan Koya, K. Sadik, Siva Kumar and Aneesh Varghese were delivered their felicitation Speech.




     Samkutty Thomas                           Sunil Kumar                                  Johney Kalamachal            

       President                                        General Secretary                                          Treasurer


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