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KWA forms Vanitha Vedhi committee
May 9, 2016, 12:31 pm

Kuwait Wayanad Association (KWA) formed seven members Ad-hoc Committee for establishing Vanitha Vedhi for KWA. The formation was proposed and initiated by the women members while the KWA picnic conducted in Kabd on 28 and 29 April. It is recognised as a courageous and solid step taken by the ladies for actively participating and involving in social and cultural activities along with KWA team.

While addressing the newly formed committee members, KWA Patron Babuji Bathery reminded the importance of women in society and her major role in mentoring and guiding the society in the right way with love and care.

KWA Secretary Mubarack Kambrath recollected few words saying “Women are not made equal to men but particularly to do things which men cannnot even think of doing,” and appreciated those who stepped front for taking this huge responsibility with courage.

President Remsy John updated them their role of meeting the women members, setting goals for 2016 and also welcomed for participating in full face in all KWA activities.

Shahida Latheef, the Convener of newly formed Vanitha Vedhi assured the commitment and all possible contribution for establishing and taking care of needs of their counterparts in KWA and within Society.

All available executives and members of KWA conveyed all regards and support for establishing a solid and significant Vanitha Vedhi for KWA through the new committee members.

The Office Bearers of Vanitha Vedhi Ad-hoc Committee are: Shahida Latheef, Convener; Shanty Manadavady, Joint Convener; Deepa Kalpetta, Finance Convener.

The Vanitha Vedi zonal committee members are: Tajuddin Rauf, Salmiya; Sheeja Saji, Abbassiya; Sindhu Ajesh, Mangaf/ Fahaheel and Rathna Sukumaran, Farwania.

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