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KWA announces free medical camp
November 22, 2016, 11:18 am

Kuwait Wayanad Association (KWA) recently conducted a press meet announcing its free medical camp in coordination with Metro Medical Care, Farwania. The camp will be held on 25 November.

During the press meet, Advisory board member Reji Chirayat explained the vision and mission of KWA and its history of associating the expatriate population of Keralates Hailing from Wayanad district.

Reji mentioned the remarkable charity and social responsibility activities conducted by a new association which is at its second year with strength of 500+ members and their families in Kuwait.

Medical Camp program convener Roy Mathew explained about the free medical camp and facilities offered by Metro Medical management on supporting by providing free consulting to those expatriates who are in need.

He extended its vote of thanks in advance for Metro Medical Management and especially MD Hamza Payyanoor for his support on the first free medical camp initiated by KWA.

Secretary of KWA Mubarack Kambrath announced the annual plan of KWA and appreciated the media, well-wishers and KWA members on dedicated support for all success.

KWA decided to strengthen the Wayanadans abroad and in native by proving financial supports for needy long term patients who are in financial trouble for treatment.

KWA also announced a project for recognizing and rewarding better performing students in Wayanad district of Kerala and also to extend hands to support the economically backwards students for completion of education.

KWA is also in coordination with Wayanad based cultural and social service organizations/ groups to plan combined activities for better results in their social activities. 

Mr. Mubarack highlighted that KWA is also preparing a plan on Expatriate Rehabilitation in order to submit to the district officials and NORKA in Kerala. Association also decided to cover entire KWA members under medical insurance scheme.  

The Press meet was attended by Reji Chirayath (KWA Advisory Board Member), Secretary Mubarack Kambrath, Medical Camp Program Convener Roy Mathew, Vice Presidents Abdul Latheef and Mini Krishna, Akbar Wayanad (KWA Advisory Board Member),  Vanitha Vedi Convener Shahida Latheed, Vanitha  Vedi Secretary Shany Joseph  and Treasurer Eby Paul. 

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