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KPWA to organize summer picnic
May 10, 2017, 3:35 pm
Kerala Pravasi Welfare Association (KPWA) is organizing a playful-knowledge hunting picnic (KPWA Summer Picnic) on 18-19 May for Kuwait Malayalees community at Kabd farm. The organizers are working together to make this one of the most useful, remarkable and thought-provoking experience in a variety life for expatriate Keralites.
In-spite of enjoyment, games and cutural activities, the camp is also added on with NORKA registration, classes on Pravasi Welfare by Govt of Kerala. 'How can I be a entrepreneur' class enables attendees gain knowledge on how to save and keep the wealth of the working people for future,  Back to the world of reading activity with traditional libraries are additional attractions. In additions to this, in camp telecast two short-films, 'Muhajir' by Muneer Ahmed and 'Be Positive' by Akbar Kulathupuzha, which is more relevant to expatriate life journey and remote family background stories. Camp will also honor the crew and those who worked behind these pravasi short-films. 

The organizers request all possible expatriate Keralites to attend the camp at their will. Food and transportation from various part of Kuwait for attendees will be arranged at a convenient level. Even though the program will begin at 6:00 pm on 18 May, Keralites shall attend it for a single day, or both days single or with family.  Organizers are informing that transport will be provided for  any person to participate in 19th morning if informed on advance notice. Attendees must be careful not to come in an intention to disturb the event and any illegal activity or discussions are strictly not allowed.

Contact for more information: Mubarack Kambrath 66387619, Reji Chirayath 99670734 , Anil Anad 50605767, Sebastian Vatukkadan 99163248 , Susan Mathew, 66542556, Ravi Pangode 50424255, , Vanaja Rajan, 50379398, Salim Koduvally 66340634, , Rafeeq Olavara 55682771


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