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KPWA initiated free legal guidance support services for keralite expats
October 29, 2017, 4:53 pm

Kuwait Chapter of Global Kerala Pravasi Welfare Association (KPWA) officials announced that the decision was made to be in alliance with prominent advocates in Kuwait for serving those who have difficulties with regards to job issues / visa fraud / travel ban / victimized on fraudulent phone fraud and other cases. If any of victims who have been affected by these crimes, and who find it difficult to find solutions can get in touch with the following numbers for guidance and free assistance. The KPWA office bearers will study their case and hand it over to the advocate in course of time.

For convenience, you are requested to call only for emergency cases, inform the details as a voice clip along with supplying the necessary documents via whatsapp and email.

Mubarak Kambrath 66387619
Reji Chirayath 99670734
Ravi Pangode 50424255
Susan Mathew 55165967
Rashid Puthukkulangara 60488091
Sebastian Venture 99163248
Rose Mary 66233286
Vanaja Rajan 50379398
Prasannan MK 55870682

Security instructions forwarded by KPWA for expatriates

Think over things before accepting any lucrative promises and fall into scams, we are all foreigners here. It is essential and necessary to follow the local laws. Don't be exposed to the visa dealers on the matters without being confirmed on reality of the job as per law.

Pay the phone bills / flat rents / loans without fail. Hand over your of Civil ID / Passport Copies only if necessary to any stranger. Don't go for shortcuts for money making, and earn by working. Take the phone lines/ offers from the official showroom only. Practically follow the law and drive your vehicles according to the laws and road manners. Park the car in the right place, even if it's a bit too far away. Stay away from those who are indebted and do not surrender documents like passports as guarantee for money or any deal - it's a bit more difficult to get out of the trouble than falling in to it.

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