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KPWA holds press conference
May 17, 2017, 1:37 pm

Kerala Pravasi Welfare association (KPWA), a different organisation of Kerala Expatriates for mutual development of NRIs from Kerala as well as for support on developing the govt. bodies. We do believe that mutual support within NRIs and Govt divisions operating for NRIs, awareness to NRIs on Govt approaches at right mode and right time will resolve a lot core issue NRIs facing nowadays.

Here, we realizes our major role on it and started with KPWA. NRI welfare for  proclaiming a new venue for global NRIs hailing from Kerala regardless to all religious, regional, political, communal discrimination has started its best services for educating, guiding and supporting fellow NRKs. KPWA has already established its association and completed the general body meetings in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and also in various districts of Kerala.

Plan to bring expatriate Keralates together under one umbrella, for the rehabilitation projects, providing enterprises start-up suggestions and projects, to confirm the success of members' projects, make members aware of the Kerala government plans for expatriate welfare. Protect the new migrants from exploitation of the flaws in the unknown with to come in from the country are the core objectives of KPWA. The need of being together regardless to political-religious-regional-caste differences are always promoted and KPWA reminds and believes  that “Together we shall achieve anything which we lose being  parted” 

After a long study on Expatriates issues, KPWA initiated to start association in various countries and even in Kerala  and found successful response of around 12500 members from 8 countries within 180 days. Officials claims that this is a clear trend from Pravasi Malayali on their eagerness to unite for their rights back in home country. KPWA is not concentrating on charity or investment schemes but on spreading awareness within expatriates on necessity of relocation, also on detailing of Kerala govt projects to unskilled labour part of NRKs.

KPWA committees across the globe has attended many requests/ cased where NRIs were in need. Recently, a 30 members team is supporting the Indian mission and expatriates in Saudi Arabia for utilizing the recently announced 90 days Amnesty. We have attended more than 50 cases of man-missing/tortured by sponsor/lending hand on medical needs within this small period of 180 days.

Press conference was chaired by KPWA Kuwait Chapter President Mr. Mubarack Kambrath, explained about the development of KPWA across the globe, Secretary Sri Reji Chirayath briefed about the core objectives and plans, Vice President Sri Sebastian Vathukadan invited all Kerala Expatriates to attend KPWA Summer picnic on 18-19 May at Kabd , Kuwait. Core Admin Ravi Pangode, Treasurer Anil Anad, Office Secretary Susan Mathew, Joint Treasurer Rose Mary, Area Coordinators like Sivadasan Mangaf, Rafeek Oalavara, Shinu Matathil were also present.

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