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KPWA conducts first General Body meeting and elects office bearers
February 27, 2017, 3:04 pm

Kerala Pravasi Welfare Association (KPWA), an NRI- Keralite (NRK) oriented organization for the welfare of the community, conducted its first general body gathering of its Kuwait Chapter at Hidine Hal, Abbassiya on 25 February. Around 300+ attendees who are actively involved and organized NORKA registration camp formed the organization’s constitution and elected the new office bearers for the year 2017-18. Ad-hoc committee Secretary Sri. Reji Chirayath welcomed the attendees and President Sri. Mubarack Kambrath addressed them explaining the long-term objectives and global and regional operation methodology.

In his inauguration speech, Sri Babuji Bathery pointed out that despite a number of organizations for the expatriate Keralites, the NRK community still lacks unity to fulfill their needs and there is an absence of community support back in Kerala due to alienation. KPWA and its initiatives may bring about success for the wellbeing of NRKs if the individuals and the whole community strive to achieve the goals together. He urged all to continue to move ahead in unity until victory. The committee recalled the contribution of Sri. Koshy Alexander, the vice-president of the Ad-hoc committee who had completed his tenure in Kuwait and is returning to Kerala. Seenu Mathew, Anil ANAD and Susan Mathew offered felicitations. Shobha Nair gave a thanks speech and announced the discharge of Ad-hoc committee.

KPWA Kuwait Chapter unanimously elected prominent theater director, social activist and multidimensional personality Babuji Bathery as its Padron. The General Body meeting was held under the monitoring of the designated Patron, KPWA Constitution and Bylaw were accepted without amendments. It was widely accepted that the organization would move forward by linking the maximum number of Keralites across the globe.

Elected KPWA Kuwait Chapter office bearers : Mubarack Kambrath (President) , Reji Chirayath (Secretary), Anil Anad (Treasurer), Sebastian Vathukadan, Premson (Vide Presidents), Celin Francis (Joint Secretary), Rose Mary  (Joint Treasurer), Shobha Nair (Vanitha President), Ceinu Mathew (Vanitha Secretary), Susan Mathew (Office Secretary), Joy Augustine (NORKA Relations Convener), Rasheed Puthukkulangara, Ravi Pangode (Core Admin Representatives),  2 NORKA relations members, five project team members and 30 area coordinators were elected. The new committee took a pledge that it is committed for the development of organization by reaching to entire NRKs in Kuwait and by building smooth relationship with entire NRK associations within Kuwait. It also took a challenging target to ensure that entire NRK expatriates gain NORKA cards within the shortest possible time span.

KPWA has already in the way spreading its organizational wings within Kerala for the ex-expatriate community and announced its forthcoming gathering at Rainbow Auditorium, Kannur on 5 March, 2017. It has decided to coordinate 14 districts of Kerala in 3 zones and operate parallel to other country chapters.

The global organizational structure:
1. The Core Administration Team,
2. The Committee of the Global office bearers,
3. The chapters in foreign countries - and state committees of Kerala,
4. Provinces in foreign countries - zonal committees in Kerala
5. Area Committees in foreign countries / Panchayat committees in Kerala,
6. Parallel structure and coordination channel for global- district members

The plan is to bring expatriate Keralites together under one umbrella for the rehabilitation projects, providing enterprise start-up suggestions and projects, to confirm the success of members' projects and to make members aware of the Kerala government plans for expatriate welfare. Another core objective of KPWA is to protect the new migrants from exploitation with regards to their entry into a new country. The need of being together regardless of political-religious-regional-caste differences is always promoted and KPWA emphasizes and believes that ‘Together we shall achieve anything which we lose being parted’.


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